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Tomato - Teatime Dub Encounters
Tomato - Teatime Dub Encounters

Teatime Dub Encounters

Sleeve and music promos for a collaboration by Underworld and Iggy Pop. The project grew out of a conversation over music for the second Danny Boyle Trainspotting film T2. Underworld’s Rick Smith and Iggy met in a London Hotel room to record the four track E.P. The video’s were shot in Miami (by D.o.P. Rob Baker Ashton) and London (w/D.o.P. Matt Broad).
The Clip for “Get your Shirt” was choreographed by Carey’s Staton and uses a time slice post production effect to create the dancer’s sliding action.
During a press shoot in Miami we were able to capture very short snatches of video, basically portraits of each player. Iggy was only available for 70 seconds, very short. The images were reshot through monitors using lens distortion to “expand” the viability of the takes we had. This became the basis for the “Bells & Circles” promo. Like the music the whole clip was filmed and edited in a hotel room.


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