Tomato       Applied Art & Design

Museion, Museum of Contemporary Art, Bolzano, Italy

Tomato went through an original selection process involving 300 studios and then finally a three way pitch to win the project to design a new identity for the newly constructed museum of contemporary art in Bolzano Northern Italy.

The programme took a year to put together and involved the invention of a modular identity that could be deployed across the web, a newspaper printed on web offset machines, publicity materials, posters, internal and external wayfinding and museum real estate.

The signage in the building is made from laser etched local woods – plum, chestnut and apple – and is fitted with magnets allowing the signs to be moved around as the building is reconfigured.

The identity is still in use.

Images of the outside and the interior of the building and the wooden signage are courtesy of KSV Architects, Berlin and remain © KSV Torsten Krüger and Ludwig Thalheimer.


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